Our mission

HealthyWork's mission is to help companies and employees with their personal and professional difficulties. We strive to improve your productivity, profitability and overall well-being by providing advisory, consulting, counseling, crisis intervention and life skills services.

Our Story

After more than twenty-five years of clinical experience in human behavior, Carla Boyer and Miguel Ángel Cristóbal created Healthy Work in 2006. That psychological and international baggage take him to companies so that his knowledge can be used by people who want to build healthier companies and eliminate the barriers that prevent an organization's talent from floating, fostering resilience, and commitment or engagement of employees.
Healthy Work begins by offering Employee Assistance Programs and Cross Cultural training. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for employees and families of any company. Later on, to the PAE programs we add Training in skills that help people develop their talent. Since 2015, we have also been concerned about supporting the well-being (wellness) of employees, both physical, mental and social.
Our goal is to help people make the changes they want and to find their motivation to get what they want. We are concerned about the effectiveness of our interventions, therefore, we measure said effectiveness before and after intervening, and we use the latest techniques or resources available in psychology, neuroscience and technology.

Our values

We do not tolerate the lack of truth, deception or concealment of information for the benefit of ourselves or others. We want to work from the truth and the values.

Don't say NO without trying before. You can always and yes we can.

We apply the concept of quality to all its processes, both in its internal management and in the delivery of the service. For this we demand the highest level of quality in the procedures and apply controls in the selection of our professionals and the supervision of their specific work.

We believe that giving is better than receiving. We know that generosity correlates with happiness. We want to give and contribute and we believe that when you give you contribute to creating a better world for everyone.

We prefer to risk and make mistakes in business decisions than to stay still in safe territory. Only an adventurous spirit can take us to unsuspected places. We intend to help lift those who make mistakes by learning from mistakes and never, under any circumstances, crush them. We are however aware that health is not a risk and we cannot go wrong.