When we talk about employee assistance programs or PAE, we refer to a confidential and free service designed to support the employee and his family. In Healthy work We have specialists who They guide, advise and accompany the human team of the companies in the face of any difficulty or problem they have, all with the aim of improving personal and work-life balance, as well as the quality of life of each of these people.

What is the objective of a PAE, employee assistance program?

Our employee assistance programs, also known as PAE, have as objective is to increase the job satisfaction of the company's human team. At Healthy Work we are clear that when an increase in satisfaction in our workplace, we can ensure that our employees have a greater commitment, that they are more effective in their work and that ultimately your company can achieve better results. In the end, our employee assistance programs benefit workers and businesses alike.

What do we offer in the PAE, employee assistance program?

Within our employee assistance programs We include a series of benefits and services to be able to deal with the different psychological, legal, etc., situations in which the employees of a company find themselves, all in order to improve their circumstances and, therefore, those of the company.

Psychological assistance

Within our employee assistance programs we have a psychological assistance service for employees. This is a fundamental pillar of the PAE, where psychological support is given to workers and their families. At Healthy Work we have Qualified professional specialists who are available to offer telephone, online or face-to-face help, all confidentially so that the employee can feel as comfortable as possible. There are some examples that could be included here as part of the psychological assistance of employee assistance programs.

One of these examples could be: 'I find myself overwhelmed by different projects that demand a lot from me, I come home very late, I don't sleep particularly well and I am stressed all day'. 'Could I learn to better balance my work and personal life?' 'I'm married with a child and I've decided to separate, so right now I can't concentrate on work and I feel pretty sad. Can you help me get over it?'

These are some of the examples that we usually find in our PAE, employee assistance program. It is because of that As we know that each person is a world and they have their own different problems, we have a great team of specialists who will try their best to help you. so that you can overcome this situation, and ultimately, continue your work in the best possible way.

Legal support

Another strength of our employee assistance programs is that We have a legal team of lawyers who will inform you at all times about your rights and responsibilities, giving you the best information and advice so you can solve your legal problems. A clear example of legal support in our employee assistance programs can be: 'I am going to separate and I don't know how to proceed legally for a future divorce. What legal options do I have?', 'I want to leave my rental apartment, can I?' .

These are some of the examples in which we have been able to help in our PAE, employee assistance program. At the end many times as a worker you are not aware of the rights that correspond to you as an employee, so our team is available to let you know.

Support in traumatic situations: crisis management

In our employee assistance programs too We have a complete team of professionals who are familiar with the management and intervention in critical and emergency situations.. Some examples in which our PAE team, an employee assistance program, can intervene are: 'A manager suffers a heart attack and dies after going for a run during working hours. How can we help employees to grieve?', 'We have suffered a robbery at gunpoint, can you help us?'

These are some examples, but this service is key to help in those situations in which there is a blockage between the different workers of the company, allowing that with our help they can start working correctly again.

Managers Queries

Through the PAE, employee assistance program, managers or team managers can obtain support from professionals in the management of people and teams, all this 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. With this service within the employee assistance programs, what is sought is help in communication and management of their teams.

Some examples of the procedures that are carried out in this service of employee assistance programs may be: 'I have an employee who complains about everything and it is very negative. He is spreading it to the rest of the team, how can I manage it?' or 'There is an employee who lacks hygiene and cleanliness, how do I deal with it?'

Other Services

Within our employee assistance programs We can also help you with other issues such as finding nurseries for your children, schools, teachers, doctors, etc. We also offer in our PAE, employee assistance program, help with your travel plans, consumer rights, etc. In the end, what we seek with our employee assistance programs is provide all possible help so that you and your team can work in the best possible way.

PAE benefits, employee assistance program

employee assistance programs Healthy work count on a number of clear benefits, both for companies and employees:

  • Improves the ability to reconcile work and personal life.
  • Improves the work environment.
  • Increase in commitment or engagement processes.
  • Increased productivity, performance and well-being at work.
  • Happy employees and satisfied.
  • healthy companies.
  • Successful management of personal and professional situations.
  • Expatriate Integration.
  • Support for managers and executives.

Request more information about our PAE, employee assistance program

Our assistance programs for employees seek to improve the lives of both employees and the directors and managers of the company. We always seek mutual benefit, because only with this can they get the company to work in the best possible way. If you have any questions about our employee assistance programs, don't hesitate any longer and contact us. Our professionals will gladly help you.