We help you overcome crisis situations

Trauma can hit your people in many ways. From natural disasters to workplace deaths, car accidents, and personal grief, critical incidents can have a devastating impact on both individuals and their teams and families.

On-site critical incident support provides reactive assistance, on the fly for those who need it, when they need it. Responding to trauma in the workplace will mean that your employees will have expert psychological and emotional support wherever they are, will be able to access learning and development programs to improve resilience, and will have the specialized experience of consultants from Healthy Work.

Your employees will also be able to design positive wellness strategies through peer support. An innovative program takes a powerful three-pronged approach, combining 24-hour phone support, face-to-face clinical interventions, and innovative learning and development packages. Peer support initiatives can be included in the holistic initiative.

Organizations must have a clear process to deal with and recover from any crisis that may arise; this generally involves having a few nominated staff members responsible for managing the crisis response. These people are generally very well prepared to handle logistical and organizational changes, but have little preparation for psychological or human factors. Healthy Work provides a robust training program that focuses on improving the skills of those responsible for the psychological recovery capacity required to handle such events.