A personalized service for your needs

En Healthy work We offer comprehensive training solutions. We adapt to the needs training for your company and for this, we combine different methodologies and formats in the courses. Ex.: Face-to-face, Blended Learning, Webinars, On-line, videos, etc.

Our training has a scientific basis on the human learning, and we use this knowledge to encourage personal growth, self-knowledge and user experience. For this we use tools such as gamification, audiovisual and technological tools.

We pay special attention to physical and psychological well-being of employees, addressing resilience, leadership, optimism, cultural adaptation, communication and customer/stakeholder service, among others. We are experts in learning soft skills or “soft skills".

Cultural adaptation courses

For more than twenty-five years, the professionals who are part of Healthy Work have been offering training, solutions and advice cultural crosses, as well as evaluations for candidates for expatriation.

Mental health training for managers

Our training in mental health aims to raise general awareness of mental health in the workplace and equip managers with strategies and tools to deal with it. Your company will benefit from better job performance and a reduction in the level of mental health-related problems and possible absenteeism or presenteeism.

Conflict resolution courses for managers

Many employees who work with Healthy Work have recognized that early identification and effective conflict management skills can lead to good resolution. power is essential recognize, manage and resolve conflicts team building and create more positive results.