Steps to regulate our emotions:

Pleasure and well-being are states of satisfaction, which are currently sought constantly and tirelessly. However, to achieve this, we often make the mistake of using tactics that mask our unpleasant feelings. In doing so, we have a tendency to suppress them, to deny ourselves the ability to experience them, and to prevent us from knowing ourselves…

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Healthy Work Employee Support Program

360º employee support program

Comprehensive body-mind care Mens sana in corpore Sano. It seems that understanding that eating healthy, sleeping well and exercising is important for our general well-being. Before the pandemic, companies, already aware of the need to take care of their employees, invested in the healthy body. We realized that changing sugar for fruit…

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We live in a fast-paced world and society. We are in a hurry all the time: to get to work, to have a social life, to have a little rest, to combine the different activities that we must and want to carry out... All this haste inevitably means that issues arise that hold our attention and we have little time...

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