Support and consulting in stress and resilience

Healthy Work's organizational consulting can help you design new programs, policies and procedures, particularly effective during any period of major organizational change. At some crucial times for an organization, an outside opinion focused on the mental health and well-being of staff is vital and always well received, allowing it to move forward with the organizational challenges we face.
Healthy Work has developed a series of workshops that aim to involve staff in improving personal, team and organizational resilience. These sessions are always tailored to the exact needs of the staff and the general objectives.
Healthy Work has worked with organizations in all industries to involve managers and staff in understanding the particular pressures and stresses that affect us personally and at work. Through a mixed approach of surveys, focus groups, workshops, and confidential 1-on-1 conversations, our goal is to give you a detailed understanding of what the organization feels like and what can be done to improve any difficulties.