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Our variety of services


Employee Assistance

Free and 24/7 confidential psychological, legal, financial and informational support for employees and family members.



We collaborate in the design of strategies to support the physical, mental and social health of employees

Support and consulting on stress and resilience

From an analysis of psychosocial risks, we design programs to address and prevent stress and train resilient employees in the face of difficulties and change

Skills training

Managing products is not enough. Interaction with people requires skills such as conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, time management, and change. We offer online, face-to-face, interactive, practical solutions ...

Critical incidents and

trauma support

When you need us most, we are by your side to address the traumas that are part of life. We can help you be prepared.

Our goal: welfare of your employees

Specialization sectors


Throughout these years we have worked with Partners such as Inspira, Lexic, Springer, Wolters Kluwer in the elaboration, development and imparted courses and conferences. Courses on bad news, difficult patients, workplace harassment, the creative doctor, communication in international congresses, coaching for cancer patients, taught at the University of Alcalá de Henares, in hospitals such as Fuenlabrada, Hospital del Sur, Hospital de Calahorra , Palliative Care Congress in Reus, courses in five SERGAS hospitals in Galicia or courses for laboratories such as Lilly, Pfizer, Angelini, Pharmamar, BMS etc. or our collaboration on wellness day with the SATSE nursing union. We believe we have collaborated in health training - doctors, nurses, orderlies, administrative staff and pharmacists, bringing "soft skills" closer to better patient care.


We could mention our crisis intervention to support all Apple employees in Barcelona after the terrorist attacks of 2017, or the training to facilitate coexistence between employees with different political points of view. We also work with the employee assistance program service in Italy with Oracle and Google, or in Spain and Italy such as Logitech, Shuterstock or Nokia among others. Training in this sector has included time management, leadership, and culture shock.


There have been many trainings in the Retail sector. We are especially proud of the project to combat stress carried out for Ikea. In it, we train staff from all the centers in Spain to provide training in stress and resilience. For this, we prepared a training manual that together with six videos filmed in the store itself and with employees as actors, we teach how to combat stress and be more resilient. We've also helped the customer service department develop skills to deal with angry or aggressive customers.


Among the companies for which we provide employee care services we have Booking or AirB & B and hotels and cruises such as Merlin Entertainment and Barceló. We have also carried out crisis interventions in several hotels after suicide attempts and suicides. In training we have developed a course to develop optimism for the Ritz Hotel in Madrid.


There are more than 400 companies with which we collaborate with our employee assistance programs in Spain and Italy, which is why we work with all sectors: automotive, food industry, textile, aeronautics, cement ... The pandemic situation created by Covid 19 has made that many companies want to support their employees in these moments where anxiety, sadness, fear or anger are common feelings and where employees face new economic and work challenges. From lines where it is supported at the moment to lines where the support is 5,6 and 8 sessions, Healthy Work can help employees in any sector both individually and by supporting managers and in crisis situations.

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